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In an era where innovation and technology are redefining our lifestyle and work, the construction sector is emerging with cutting-edge solutions to address the increasing demographic boom. Two outstanding examples are Viroc® cement-bonded particle boards and 3D printing for home construction.

Viroc®: Potential to Revolutionize Construction

Viroc is a composite panel that combines wood particles and cement. This combination results in a material known as Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB), which blends the flexibility of wood with the strength and durability of cement.

The Viroc panel allows a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, meeting rigorous international standards. Its heterogeneous appearance, a result of the natural colors of raw materials and chemical reactions, adds a unique aesthetic touch.

The inspiring thing about materials like Viroc is their potential to make 3D printed home construction competitive in price with wood-built homes. We are getting closer to a turning point in the home construction industry, similar to what occurred in the automotive industry.

3D Printing: A Sustainable and Efficient Future

Amid the tech boom, Austin, Texas, is home to a pioneering project: the “Genesis Collection.” This is the world’s largest 3D printed home community, a product of the collaboration between Lennar Corp., one of the largest homebuilders in the United States, and the 3D printing startup, Icon.

3D printed homes represent a revolution in home design and construction, offering a faster, more affordable method with minimal waste. Moreover, the resilience of the concrete structures makes them more resistant to increasingly intense natural disasters.

The demographic boom implies that the demand for multi-family and single-family homes will continue to be sustainable and will grow in the coming decades. Faced with this challenge, 3D printing presents a potential solution to tackle the global housing crisis.


Viroc® cement-bonded particle boards and 3D printing are clear examples of how innovation is shaping the residential construction industry. We are getting closer to a revolution in the sector, similar to what has happened in the automotive industry. It’s an exciting time, and these advancements promise to positively impact our everyday life and our planet.

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