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Hospitals could face the same destiny as offices that need now to repurpose their real estate into residential. At the end who wants to enter into a hospital?? Nobody
What if you could get assistance at a warehouse instead with your love ones and isolated from other bacteria’s and viruses. Also less personal will be needed but more machines and robots to monitor you and if necessary to give you a surgery….imagine how much cheaper the insurance would be and how much better the experience will be…..

With news like the ones in the photos were Medicare and Medicaid basically demonstrate that they are not doing the job that they were supposed to do but instead translate higher costs to clients and customers for the only benefit of the insurance companies
When the time comes and technology and biohacking could disrupt this industry their real estate will need to be repurposed as well
They are normally amazingly located (with new ways of transportation there will be no need to have those kind of locations) they occupy vast land property (with a repurposed land for development of various real estate projects or even cities or communities the use of that rich land would be much better than using it for hospitals it would be much more profitable to use that land for other needs which could bring much more productivity to the city)

And don’t forget the biggest benefactor of all will be the hospital customers
There will be a day we’re you could know how to treat your body better without having to go to a hospital reducing insulting hospital fees and having a better result for your health
But obviously today somebody has to pay those salaries and those real estate facilities need a lot of maintenance

This NEEDS to change home insurance companies should start offering preventive medicine instead of curative medicine and reduce their costs also we will see hospitals repurposing their real estate sooner that we expect becoming smaller, safer and much better fit for their customers wishes and demands!! Let’s make the change supporting ourselves with the technology available to us TODAY.

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