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Everywhere you look, the looming shadow of recession seems to be the talk of the town. But what if,
instead of panicking, we paused and questioned one of the most foundational economic formulas we’ve
come to accept without doubt: the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)? In the rapidly evolving world of
today, is it possible that our trusty GDP has grown outdated and fails to encompass the entirety of our
economic reality?

The Intangibles and Tangibles the GDP Overlooks

The traditional GDP formula may not account for numerous intangible, and even some tangible
measurements. Consider productivity: the USD output per hour worked. Today’s world is not the same
as it was a few decades ago. Many Americans juggle multiple jobs, often bolstered by the advantages of
automation and technology. Can our current toolbox accurately measure the productivity in such a
multifaceted economy? With the rise of the gig economy and tech advancements, productivity might be
exponentially higher than any current tool can estimate.

The Real Implications of Misunderstood Productivity

If we’re underestimating productivity, what does this mean for the supposed impending recession? A
higher actual productivity could fuel a longer duration of high inflation. And if this is the trajectory of our
new world, we need to question our preset notions: Why would this new scenario be detrimental?
Moreover, in this era of rapid change, perhaps it’s time to reconsider the price of money. Instead of
lowering it, should we not be setting it higher to propel even faster growth? A world where our basic
needs are met without the need for labor-intensive work might be closer than we think, and the push
towards such a future is accelerated by technology.

A Brighter Future, Right Here in the USA

Imagine a life where technology ensures our fundamental needs, allowing us more time for leisure,
creativity, and pursuing passions. This might sound like a utopian dream, but if there’s one place that can
turn this vision into reality, it’s the USA.
So, before jumping on the bandwagon and preparing for doom due to an upcoming recession, take a
moment. Reflect on our foundational economic beliefs. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not a recession we’re
heading towards but a recalibration of how we measure our economy. A shift that could redefine the
world we live in, making it a place where joy and technology coexist in harmony. And in that world, the
USA could be at the forefront of leading this transformative change. Think about it. The future might be
brighter than we’ve been led to believe.

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